Saturday, October 2, 2010

Couple of Odd projects

I have been painting and framing a lot but I have been a little slow in taking photos. New paintings should be up by the first of next week.

I thought I would show a few of the other projects I had fun creating recently.  

This top project is a donation to the Festival of the Trees in December. Proceeds from this go to Primary Children's Hospital. The table will stand next to a donated tree with gifts on it and the box sits on top of the table. The box holds testimonies of Jesus Christ from all the Primary children in our neighborhood. A nice lady around the block gave me a plate of brownies for  helping out. It was well worth it.

Below is another project I did, a wedding cake.
Soon you will see a new business pop up:
"Cakes by Rett"
I have much more respect for cake decorators now.
The photo was taken by
check it out

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The Real Jim Heywood said...

An artist is an artist! They look great.